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About Fresh Start Ketamine

Fresh Start Ketamine began not only to improve patient lives, but from personal beginnings. Fresh Start Ketamine was started out of true passion to help others.  Owners Jessica and Jennifer both experienced loved ones with severe depression and even suicide. It was through this that both have felt a true calling to help those suffering from pain, depression and anxiety.

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Our Commitment

At Fresh Start Ketamine we strive to make treatment for pain, depression and anxiety not only possible, but affordable and accessible. We are committed to working with our patients to achieve real success stories.

We know how important it is to live a life without pain, depression and anxiety which is why we charge less than our competition, offer more extensive infusion therapy as well as extended office hours for your convenience.

Our Clinic Mission And Values

Our purpose is to instill hope in every client while providing safe, effective, compassionate, and individualized alternative treatments. We hold the utmost respect and care for the clients we serve. Our clientele includes people affected with cases of Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD), PTSD, OCD, Severe Anxiety, CRPS, an other debilitating pain syndromes.


Our compassionate care will be a helping hand in your healing journey. We are committed to you and your family.


With utmost regard, we pledge to show the same level of honor and respect towards our clients and their families.


We strive for excellence in our practice and ensure that quality control is strictly followed at all times, safeguarding your safety.


We're constantly striving to reach higher levels of success and progress our treatment protocols further than before.


We offer unparalleled care and service through our knowledgeable and reliable Fresh Start Ketamine Raleigh team.


When we collaborate on a plan, together, we can create a powerful treatment plan for our clients that leads to better results.

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