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Ketamine For Anxiety

Severe anxiety can be devastatingly disabling. It can feel like the walls are caving in and there is no escape from the overpowering thoughts, making it almost impossible to live your life as normal. For those with extreme anxiety, it can feel like there is no end in sight and they are forever doomed to such intense fear. It's as if this has become their "new normal".

Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be normal.

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Benefits Of Ketamine Treatment For Anxiety

Ketamine, initially used as a medical anesthetic, has also been successful in treating mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. The infusion treatment involves carefully controlling the dosage of ketamine that is administered into the bloodstream. Anxiety and ketamine are inextricably linked, and using ketamine for anxiety has been shown to have a calming effect on the nervous system, reducing the onset of worries and fears resulting from anxiety. Patients often feel more positive, with fewer or less intense depressive symptoms. Ketamine treatment, it not only brings immense relief in stabilizing one's mood but also helps to alleviate the physical and mental repercussions anxiety may have caused. Ketamine has been extensively used in the treatment of depression, especially severe treatment-resistant depression. When these positive effects are combined with other factors such as reintroducing sound sleep patterns and increasing social interaction for patients who also experience social anxiety disorder, it can provide immediate and permanent symptom improvement.

The administration of ketamine for anxiety involves a relatively short treatment compared to prescription medications and cognitive behavioral therapy, which can take months to be effective. In contrast, Ketamine infusion for anxiety is administered in short cycles until symptoms subside or greatly improve. The incredible capability of ketamine to support the brain in a much deeper and more effective way than traditional antidepressants is truly revolutionary. It's no wonder it has such a powerful impact!

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